What is Origama Smart?

A revolutionary project, which meets the needs of anyone wishing to enter the online market in a rapid and innovative way.

1. Make a Smart Product.

Start communicating digitally, quickly and innovatively with your customers.

2. Create a Landing Page.

Reach anyone who’s really interested in your activity through your dedicated web page.

3. Use Our Dedicated App.

Add easily smart functionality to your product using our dedicated App.

4. Be known everywhere.

Create a web page, customize it as you like for each of your products.

Your product is ready to become truly Smart!

Origama gives you the opportunity to make your product smart. An intelligent product can easily connect to a network and communicate information about yourself. Origama Smart Products help a brand to communicate its strengths in the best possible way. Originality and innovation are the basis of our creations. A programmable tag will be applied within each product that will refer to content on the web. The connection will take place simply by bringing your smartphone close to the product. If this sounds interesting to you, read on to discover all the features available!

Easily create dedicated Landing Pages for each of your products!

With Origama Smart System you will have the possibility to create a customized Web Page for each of your products. The various plan features available offer additional possibilities to improve and make your template more exclusive and distinctive. Starting from a standard template, you can customize sections, colors, images, fonts and much more. If you don't have computer skills, don't worry: it's very simple, just a few clicks are enough to create a complete website!

Direct Customers to your Social Networks!

Through Origama App you can program the TAGs applied to your products to redirect customers to your Social pages. Communication on social networks is fundamental, and even more fundamental is the ability to know how to send users to the right pages. This chance will make it much easier for you to find potential followers, to reach users interested in your social content, or to increase visits to a specific channel. This system will allow you to expand the number of users reachable through Social Networks.

Access the statistics of each page and find out how successful is your product!

With Origama Smart System you will be able to analyze data such as the performance of your sales, the behavior of your customers, visits to your site, the satisfaction of visitors and much more. By checking the data in the user area, you can improve your performance, increase views, increase sales and see results in real time. The advantage is that, to do all this, you will not need to use an external platform to the site: all data will be visible within the platform.

The Origama App that make your product Smart!

Origama Smart System included an App in order to make the most of the potential of the TAGs applied to your product. With the Origama App application you can easily write information on your product: URLs of Web Pages, the URLs of your Social Networks, geolocate your business, share accesses to a Wi-Fi, have a device reproduce a text vocally and much more. the origamOrigama application is perfectly implemented with the portal, and allows you to associate its personalized page to each of your products. Keep reading and find out more about landing pages!


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Our Prices

We have created a selection of prices that are suitable for both private customers and companies. Choose the type of subscription that's right for you and start making your products smart.

Questions and Answers

Domande e Risposte

What is an NFC programmable tag?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a tiny chip connected to an antenna: its small size allows it to be inserted into different types of objects, which are identified thanks to the unique chip code.

What are the advantages of this service?

Origama's smart service allows you to expand your sales range, entering the online market and differentiating yourself.

Who should use this service?

Anyone wishing to propose a smart and alternative product and / or service, but also those wishing to update their product line.

How do I know if my chip is being exploited or not?

Those who buy the Origama smart package can take advantage of the data analysis service, a simple platform that can be checked regularly individually, to monitor and control their tags.

Don't know how to write on the NFC TAG?

Origama has developed a very simple to use App that allows you to write different information about the TAG applied to your product. With our App you will be able to write URLs of web pages, of your social networks, you will be able to geolocate your activity on a product, write texts and associate files of all kinds.

  • Save a URL link
  • Direct to Social Channels
  • Open a specific app on your smartphone
  • Geolocate your business
  • Automate access to a Wi-Fi network
  • Have the device speak text

"This is just the beginning we are studying many other features to make your business even smarter!""

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